Diabetes And Keeping Fit

When diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 at the age of 12 I thought it was the end of the world, I was not a big kid and I certainly very rarely suffered with illness but it would seem that somehow an infection had managed to get into the pancreas a

nd completely stopped it from working, at least, that is why they thought I had received the disease. Usually it would have been put down to someone else in the family tree having the disease but not this time, it would seem I am the only one to ever have gotten it.

So at this age I really did feel like it was the very end of the world? The worst thing about this was that I had no idea what Diabetes was and to be honest I don’t think I would today if I didn’t have the disease, I almost slipped into a coma because the doctor didn’t know what was wrong. The thing is, it took a good few months of me getting used to having it before I was told I could get back to doing some sports again. Once people get to this stage you will find that a lot of diabetics will simply give

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up and not want to do any exercise at all because they are perhaps scared or

just damn lazy.

Surely exercising is just going to make the blood sugars fall?? Well yes they are, unless you handle it right. Make sure that you take a couple of sugar tablets before you do all of your exercises and you should actually be fine. Another option is to have something to eat before you go out and play a sport, I used to have a sandwich beforehand.

A dehumidifier as well as an air purifier and ceiling fan have all proved to help with the condition of the air in a room, while not benefitting diabetics directly they do help to rid the air of all the nasty things that a diabetic could catch

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