DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine

The DRX9000 Spinal Decompression Machine is used mainly by chiropractors and is the non surgical answer to relieve lower back pain caused by either: a herniated or bulging disc, sciatica, ruptured disc syndrome, a degenerated disc, or posterior facet syndrome all of which can cause excruciating lower back pain in thousands of sufferers throughout the USA and the world.

This lower back pain can impact dramatically on the quality of life experienced by the sufferer as the simplest everyday action of picking up a dropped item can put the sufferer out of action for days and even when the pain is alleviated by medical means, such as oral medication, one never knows when it will return.

The treatment called spinal decompression therapy using the DRX9000 can take up to 24 sessions with each treatment lasting about 3 minutes of the spine being stretched with pressure applied to the lower back area. This pressure causes a vacuum and by giving the spine the correct alignment the intervertabral disc has more room now that it is in it’s proper place and the fragment or piece of disc that has been pressing on the nerve causing the agonizing pains felt in the lower back now are no longer ‘compressed’ against the nerve or the spinal column.

This method of relieving the pain caused by a slipped disc, and to help with bulging disc treatment, which is another name for a herniated or bulging or protruding disc as it is commonly called, has been clinically tested by studies in Japan having a success rate of 76% and studies done by Dr John Leslie of the Mayo Clinic for the safety and effectiveness of the DRX9000 having a success rate of 88% with patients over the full treatment period of 20 treatments. It was also found that the use of the machine aided in increasing the height of the vertabrae discs.


  1. The Spinal Decompression Machine sounds pretty good. Does the machine itself cause any pain?

  2. Hi. The DRX9000 machine itself doesn’t cause any pain, at least according to my wife. It’s kind of like a computerized traction machine that pulls and releases your spine for about 20 minutes per session. It helped her A LOT since she had back problems for years. It’s not for everyone because it depends on the cause of your particular back problem. However, for my wife’s back problem it was the only solution that worked for her.

  3. Aside from curing slipped disks and the other above mentioned illnesses, does it also cure back pains due to thinning of bones as a side effect of too much intake of antibiotics? I know a friend who is suffering sever back pains for years already and it was only found out lately that it was due to the thinning of the bones at her back squeezing the veins in between.

    Hewlett from Chauffage infrarouge 

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