Best Bike Trainers for Apartment Dwellers

Outdoor cycling is an extremely popular sport and is growing every year.  One of the biggest challenges to a cyclist who loves to ride, is winter.  Old man winter can put the kibosh on your cycling goals as it is the hardest of hardcore cyclists who can get on the bike outside when the temperature dips into the 30s and 40s or even colder.  So many of these riders find themselves searching for an alternative that they can do indoors but will still keep them in top cycling shape for spring.

Many cyclists end up purchasing an indoor bike trainer of some kind in order to stay in shape.  These machines allow you to mount your actual bicycle into the stand and you ride the bike like normal but with the rear wheel not touching the ground but rather turning a weighted flywheel.  This flywheel is heavy and is designed to place a certain level of resistance against the rear wheel so it makes it difficult to pedal, just like outdoors.  These machines are great, they work well but you need to know a few things before you purchase one of you could end up wildly disappointed.

One of the main things you should understand about an indoor bike trainer is how loud they can be.  This is especially critical if you are still living in an apartment or a condo of some sort and have neighbors although even a single family home can create problems as your family has to listen to the racket.  You can purchase certain kinds of bike trainers that are quieter than others so you should choose wisely when you buy.

There are really two basic types of bike trainers and those are magnetic bike trainers and fluid bike trainers.  Magnetic bike trainers are typically less expensive but they are also the noisiest of bike trainers on average.  The resistance is provided by magnets working against each other and the byproduct is noise.  When these babies fire up then everyone in the house knows it that is for sure.  The other type of trainer is a fluid trainer.  These work by driving an impeller through a viscous fluid and they are much quieter than magnetic trainers.  Bear in mind that even these produce a fair amount of noise but not as much as a magnetic bike trainer.

So if you are shopping for a bike trainer and noise is a consideration then you definitely want to read up on the reviews and find the right bike trainer for your needs.

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