Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Its amazing how things in your home can actually be medicinal and be the answer to your problems. In the case of teeth whitening for instance, you really don’t have to go to any drugstore and spend money to get those pearly whites back. All you need may be already in your refrigerator or shelf! I’ve found the following natural teeth whitening methods to be most easy to apply.

The saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” not only goes for physicians or implies getting a good diet. You can just as much “keep the dentist away” by eating apples. That clean feeling you get after eating one isn’t  just a ‘feeling’ but there actually are chemical reactions going on. The roughness of the apple is good in removing any food that might have stuck to your teeth while its acidic nature is a good cleanser.

The same property is found in most citrus fruits since they all contain natural acids. Prolonged use is not recommended though since it may damage  your teeth’s enamel leaving them thin and vulnerable.

Chewing on raw veggies is another easy remedy. Vegetables like carrots, broccoli, spinach and cucumber are quite coarse and this makes them good at ‘rubbing off’ any stains. Chewing beetle nut has also been used by native  Indians  for ages to whiten their teeth and is still an effective alternative.

Home made mouthwashes are also very easy to make. There’s the salt and water solution that is found to help with most tooth problems. Then the lemon juice and baking soda  mix that is a good wash after brushing your teeth. Others make use of vinegar as a mouthwash.

Using these simple natural teeth whitening methods doesn’t only ensure your safety but make sure you get the nutrition you need.

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