Tennis Elbow Remedies to Get Rid of the Pain

Once you are experiencing pain, the first thing that you normally do is take in oral anti-inflammatory medications for fast relief. Yet, there are various natural ways to relieve the pain in order to some side effects due to drug interactions. Tennis elbow is a common injury that involves the inflammation of the tendons that may be due to degeneration or micro-tearing. There is pain in the outer part of the elbow that oftentimes radiates down the forearm. It is also painful when you try to flex your arm and when you try to do simple tasks such as gripping, twisting, grasping or twisting. All these are the results of overexertion of the muscles, repetitive movements and stress.

You cannot rely on anti-inflammatory drugs all your life to relieve the pain. Fortunately, there are natural ways to alleviate the pain. These include the use of ice packs, heat packs, potato pakcs, Zostrin, diet, acupuncture, rest and regular exercise.

Ice packs and heat packs are ideal for acute and chronic injuries, respectively. Zostrix is a kind of natural medicine that was derived from red hot chili peppers. You can wrap this around the joint of your elbow to reduce pain. Zostriz has no known side effects. Also, the use of potato pack is highly recommended. With baked and warm potatoes, you can now relieve the pain on your elbow by simply applying it on the injured part. As for the kind of nutrients that you need, you must include omega 3 fatty acids and celery in your diet. The extract from celery seeds with the use of hot water may be taken before meals in five to ten drops. In the case of omega 3 fatty acids, it can be found mostly on fish so there’s no reason for you not to include fish in your diet.

Acupuncture is another natural way that can also provide a short-term relief from pain. It is also highly recommended that you take enough rest and regular exercise. These are the tennis elbow remedies that you can apply for a short-term relief from tennis elbow pain.

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