Is Clean Eating Right For You?

If you are always keeping up with the latest diet news then you have probably heard of clean eating.  At first it sounds like just another bogus ploy to get our money, but if you dig a little deeper you might like what you see.  Maybe dieting is not right for you, maybe you are sick and tired of measuring your food or worrying about calories, if you are, then you probably will love clean eating.

So if clean eating is the next craze, what is involved in this fat burning diet, you may be asking.  The fact is, it isn’t a diet. It is eating food as close to the natural state as possible.  Food that isn’t stuffed with chemicals and preservatives is the natural state.  Food that you want to feed your children so they will grow up healthy and strong.

So what is a natural state and can it be found at the local grocery store?  The natural state when referring to vegetables for example is organic.  I’m not sure why we had to come up with a term for it but we did.  Chickens that are free-range and are fed high quality diets are also natural, and yes you can get these things at most grocery stores, even the big ones.

If you are one that loves junk food and can’t imagine yourself eating this way, then there may be an adjustment period at first.  You will discover very quickly however, that the amount of energy you have alone will blow you away to the point you will quickly be kicking those junk food addictions.  This is not to mention the glow of your skin, the youth-full appearance, the lack of digestive issues, and the nod during your next doctor visit.  The list goes on; you will soon find yourself wondering how you possibly got along without this way of eating for so long.

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