Do you really believe in celebrities endorsing anti wrinkle creams?

It is a sign of the priorities of our modern consumer society that you can’t walk down the street without seeing the face of a celebrity advertising some product or other.

One of the most congested markets for this has undoubtedly got to be beauty products. If it’s not Matthew Fox, telling us how the only reason he has prevented crows feet is by using L’Oreal for Men, then it’s Eva Longoria waxing lyrical (beauty joke there!) about how ‘she/we are worth it’. The amount of this advertising is staggering. If it’s not on TV or in a magazine then it’s on a billboard over the highway or a poster on a bus shelter. I sometimes get the feeling that there is so much of it that I don’t see it; it merges into the background.

But can that really be the case. Maybe it is still affecting me in some subliminal way that I don’t even recognise. Surely with the amount of money that the manufacturers of anti wrinkle creams spend on celebrity endorsement, it must have some effect and that effect must have been measured by them, right?

Well maybe not…  Perhaps the people at the advertising agency just like hanging around with famous people . Maybe the CEO of the company thinks that Eva might come to his barbecue? Unfortunately, I am not in that position, and no matter how much I would like Matthew to pop round and massage a little cream onto my face; I know it’s not going to happen.

What’s more, I also know that the celebrities chosen for these campaigns are stunningly beautiful in the first place, with flawless skin and born from a fantastic gene pool. On top of that, they spend all day every day working on looking even better. On top of that again, they have the best make-up artists, photographers and airbrush artists that money can buy.

After all that, they had better look good!

You see I’m not fooled for one moment, I know the product has little or no contribution to the way these people look; so why do I keep buying their anti wrinkle creams?


  1. I agree totally with what you are saying. My solely downside is that once I do attempt to make a change, it really works, however I always revert again to my same ways. Sticking to them is what I find difficult.

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