Choosing the Right Eye Cream

All eye creams are not the same. To successfully deal with wrinkles around the eyes, it is important to choose a cream that will provide a bit of elasticity to the skin. Attempting to change your appearance by artificial means is a risky business. Even it if works, chances are it will only be temporary. It is much better to try to change one’s appearance by means that work with the body instead of against it. Avoid using collagen eye cream that purports to use external sources of nutrients or proteins; most creams of this ilk on the market contain collagen that is harvested from the skins of animals. The molecular structure of animal collagen and human collagen is completely different. This is why collagen cream like those often do not work.

Eye creams made from artificial ingredients instead of natural ingredients pose other problems besides the collagen issue. Synthetic materials can really irritate the skin and damage the cells. This leads to redness, rashes and other skin diseases. Instead, choose eye creams made from natural ingredients like vitamin C, green tea and Acai berries – these ingredients contain needed antioxidants that reduce the effect of toxins present on the skin. There are toxins encountered in everyday life as we move through world at large. Other ingredients such as cucumber extract and vitamin E are very effective in soothing the skin.

Natural eye creams are also good for the skin around the eyes because synthetic materials are made from chemicals that can irritate the eyes themselves. This defeats the whole purpose of trying to beautify the skin around your eyes; what good is it if you’re damaging your eyes in the process? Taking care of your eyesight is very important, especially if you are older. Using eye creams made from natural ingredients will ensure you take care of your eyes and improve your appearance.

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