Know Your Acidophilus Supplements

There is little doubt that in our modern world with the ever-rising pollutants in the air and processed foods in the supermarkets, stress, and the increased use of antibiotics, There are many benefits of acidophilus, and it is recommended to eat foods containing this type of healthy bacteria as an important component of your daily diet for overall health as well as a boost to your immune system.

What exactly are they, and what do they do?    Acidophilus is a probiotic. Probiotics are used to restore a healthy balance in the good bacteria in your body, which directly improves your digestive system, as well as improves other bodily functions, they make it less likely to get coughs and colds and other illness, and can even reduce the chances of some cancer.

It is important you select a product that is stable and has good keeping properties. Freeze-drying is a process that improves the stability, as does the absence of oxygen. Therefore, it would be wise to purchase a product where the bottling containers have been nitrogen flushed. You should always purchase acidophilus products that must be stored in the refrigerator and packaged in glass bottles. Do not freeze your acidophilus as this can affect them.

Acidophilus Supplements come in capsules, tablets, and powder form. Not one form is better than the other is, and is entirely up to your preference. Take acidophilus once a day, or as directed by your physician, before a meal/on an empty stomach (preferably in the morning), to aid the passage through the stomach and implanting on the intestine, which yields the best results. Higher doses may be given to those with yeast infections or other digestive disorders.

There are dairy and nondairy acidophilus, if you are allergic to dairy products the nondairy product is recommended. You can find these supplements easily and inexpensively online. Be healthy and stay alive!

The Acidophilus Supplement Guide is a consumer resource with more information and evidence based research on the pros and cons of acidophilus supplements.

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