Four Tips for Your Anti-Aging Strategy

Have you ever met someone who told you their age and you couldn’t believe it because they looked so much younger than their age? And the opposite has happened too where you’ve met someone and found out they were much younger than they looked! What made the difference you asked yourself? Certainly, heredity sometimes factors in. When all known people that we didn’t think would ever look any older – and we envied them –  but eventually it catches up with them too.

It’s more than a roll of the dice for youthful genes though. Often lifestyle factors make the difference between someone looking prematurely old and those who seem to never change. Consider the points made below and see if they don’t seem to ring true for the differences you’ve noticed in others. And then, take it to heart!

Sun-Exposure. People who’ve “laid-out” much of their lives to get that coveted bronze tan not only roll the roulette wheel on skin cancer, but also permanently damage their skin. It’s only a matter of time before that damage begins to show up on the surface of the skin. Those wrinkles actually start beneath the skin and manifest themselves on the outside as we age. Dermatologists preach it over and over, to wear a good sunscreen when you are in the sun.

Smoking. Another of many reasons to stop smoking is that it depletes the skin of collagen witch in turn leads to fasting aging of the skin. Haven’t you noticed smokers whose skin is very wrinkled especially around the eyes and the lips? This doesn’t mean if a person stops smoking that the wrinkles are going to go away, but at least the damage can be stopped.

Diet. You are what you eat. When it comes to helping your skin, antioxidants are key. That means just as mom told you eat your fruits and vegetables. If smoking diminishes collagen then vitamins E and C help to restore it. Omega 3’s are also important at the cellular level to increase the moisture in the skin. Eating fish is good, and fortunately many products now come with Omega 3. You can take additional supplements in pill form to make certain you are getting all that you need. While we are on diet, many studies have indicated the value of green tea to our health in many respects including skin health.

Finally, realize that you are not totally at the mercy of time in maintaining your youthful looks. There are lifestyle things you can do to ward off the effects of time. Eventually even the most careful will show signs of age however. There are anti-aging cosmetics that can help. There are no anti aging products that can remove wrinkles, but they can give your skin an appearance of being more energetic and youthful.

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