Is A Liquid Nutritional The Best Choice?

Vitamin and minerals boost ones immune system and enhances ones energy levels. Where does one get the required nutrition from? Vegetables and fruits are main source of whole nutrition. Whole nutrition from natural nutrients which a body can digests and absorb. With the additional increase in fertilizers and pesticides and mass and repeated cultivation of crops soil nutrition is depleted thereby producing corps with far fewer nutritional value in them.

These vitamins and minerals can be reproduced in the laboratories and can be used as nutritional supplements in our diet. Processed food and instant food are available in abundance in the markets and they are extremely rich in carbohydrates and fat. Food with such low nutritional value results in ever threatening problem of obesity. There is some debate whether synthetic supplements in the form of pills are not easily absorbed by the body.

Extensive research in the field nutrition has brought to light that nutrients in liquid form may be more easily absorbed by the body than in solid form. Vitamins, minerals and proteins form the main ingredient of liquid nutritional supplements. Vitamins and minerals found in the vegetables and fruits can be reproduced in the laboratory and can be formulated into a liquid form. Liquid Nutritional supplements are available for different age groups depending on  requirements in development.

Infant Liquid nutritional supplements mirror the vitamins and nutrients present in mother’s breast milk. Though the breast milk is the best food for an infant, in cases where the mother has a difficulty in feeding and if the child has health issues, infant formulas can be a solution that one can give an infant. Patients who are highly dehydrated due exposure to the sun or diarrhea or dysentery the can replenish the essential electrolytes in the body is by either oral liquid nutritional supplements or through intravenous methods.

Antioxidants are best found in fruits, naturally. Fruit juices fortified with liquid nutritional supplements not only provide the body with the required quantity of nutrition but also dehydrates the body. Energy drinks available of the shelves are good energy boosters which replace the mineral and vitamins in the body instantly as they are in liquid form. Athletes and sports person extensively use energy drinks to replace the lost nutrients in the liquid nutritional form. Individual should care take not to consume too much as they have high levels of sugar in them.

Eating healthy should not be a major issue if one plans ones daily diet which should consist of whole nutrients and can also be fortified with required supplements to meet the daily requirement.

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