Alternative Remedies for Gout Relief

Gout is one of the many types of arthritis. The symptoms of gout include painful, red, and swollen big toes, wrists, hands, elbows and knees. Gout has high genetics factor, as it can run over generations on families. Women who are overweight, whose diets are rich in purine are lost likely affected by this disease. Purine can break down into uric acid when in the body, which is the definitive factor of gout, excessive levels of uric acid in the body. Uric acids can build-up as crystals and can lodge in the joints, thus the redness, swelling and pain felt by the patients.

NSAIDS or corticosteroids are the standard medications used to relieve gout. Gout patients are also advised to avoid eating purine rich foods like organ meats, certain types of fish, yeast-containing foods and alcohol. Patients are also advised to drink an ample amount of water. This increase in water intake helps the body flush out the uric acid accumulation in the joints, and is also beneficial for health in general.

Among the natural arthritis remedies and alternative therapies for gout include aromatherapy, homeopathic treatments and juicing. The alternative gout therapies are safe and effects, with none to one side effect. First alternative therapy is aromatherapy. It is done by mixing oil of juniper and olive and is rubbed for more than four times daily over affected areas.

Hydrotherapy can also be done alongside aromatherapy to increase pain alleviation. This can be done by alternating hot and cold compresses. Next are homeopathic therapies for natural gout treatment. Homeopathic doctors usually give specific medicines, depending on the particular symptom, and also on where the symptoms are located. Homeopathic treatments for gout include Belladonna 12C, Urtica 12C, Aconite 12C and Colchicum 12C. Lastly, gout can be treated through intake of fruit juices particularly, from cherries, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. These natural gout remedies help neutralize uric acid in the body.

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