Laser Hair Removal for Men: Preparation

The first step after deciding to undergo male laser hair removal is to begin preparations. Good preparation will improve the hair laser removal results by avoiding unwanted side effects, lessen the chance for pain and reduce the overall treatment time.

3-4 Weeks Prior to Treatment

Preparation for the laser hair removal treatment begins weeks before the actual procedure begins. The first steps involve prepping your skin and the area of unwanted hair to make them more conducive to laser treatments. You should discontinue all other hair removal methods such as tweezing, waxing, depilatories and the like in the weeks prior to your start date.

This is mainly a precaution to eliminate any potential complications and improve the odds of success. Lasers for hair removal are attracted to the melatonin in the skin so the lighter the skin the better. If you regularly work on a tan, either indoors or out, you should discontinue this practice. If you have to be outdoors, use liberal amounts of sunscreen to protect your skin as sunburn has just the same effect as a tan.

Day Before Treatment

On the day before your first appointment, it’s recommended to shave the desired areas of all existing hair. Shaving the treated areas reduces the treatment time and will result in less discomfort and/or pain. The laser targets the hair follicle under the skin so any hair on the surface skin just gets in the way and reduces the efficiency of the laser. It can also cause the hair on the skin surface to burn, possibly burning the skin also.

The Day of Treatment

It is recommended that patients skip their daily routine of lotions, cologne or deodorant depending on where that days treatment is targeting. Any substances left on the skin can reduce the laser’s energy and interfere with the laser’s effectiveness.

This completes the preparation steps. You are now ready for your first laser hair removal treatment. Good preparation is a worthwhile exercise and will greatly improve your chances for success. You’re paying good money for this procedure. It’s in your best interest to be prepared and ready when the time comes.

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