Finding Acne Remedies That Work For You

Most people with acne are looking for quick fix acne remedies.  They may have a first date in a couple days, a dance in a week or their wedding in a month and they are looking to have clear skin immediately.  Unfortunately, finding acne remedies that work for you can take patience, time and a little money. 

If you have a small blemish every once in a while, your best bet is to make a homemade acne solution or purchase over-the-counter acne remedies from your local drugstore, grocery store or department store.  If your acne is worse than the occasional blemish, you may want to schedule an appointment with your family doctor or a dermatologist for advice.  Dermatologists have experience with all kinds of acne problems and have a better understanding of what might work for specific case of acne.

As stated above, finding acne remedies takes patience.  A lot of times, acne remedies actually make your acne worse before completely clearing up the problem.  Or you may find that an acne remedy cleared up your acne for a year, and then the acne came back.  Sometimes you have to use certain acne remedies more than once before they completely clear up your acne.  Or, you may use the same acne remedies for years and then one day they don’t work like they used to.   Another frustrating issue is that acne remedies that work on your brother may only make your acne worse. 

Acne is a frustrating issue for many people of all ages.  Finding acne remedies that work for you requires a lot of patience, some research and a bit of trial and error.  Just remember, once you find what acne remedies that work for you, you will be glad you spent the time finding it, even if it was a bit frustrating!

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