A Simple Weight Loss Diet Plan

Quick weight loss is tough but the right diet plan can make things much easier. Considering that diet is around 80% of the battle when it comes to weight loss you will quickly see how a good diet strategy could pay off. Here I will outline a effective diet plan for weight loss. Keep in mind that everyone is different and many people’s bodies react differently to different diet strategies.

For the purposes of this diet I am going to assume a male that weighs around 200 lbs and is semi active outside of the gym. I am going to assume that this person is worried mainly about weight loss and want to achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Here is how I would direct this person to get started.

The diet plan will work on a week long cycle and will require calorie counting. This is the most effective way to loose weight fast, so if you have any resistance to counting calories get over it.

I am not going to break this down day to day but what I will say is that you need to start your week with a calorie range around 1800 and start working down for the first couple of days. On day 3 you should eat as few as 1200 calories. Space the out throughout the day and try to eat 6 small meals.

After your 1200 calorie day increase back up to 1800 and start working your way down again. Continue with this for 3 days again working down to an extreme deficit and then back up.

On day 7 have a cheat meal. One single cheat meal not an entire day and keep it reasonable. After a week of dieting you will be worn out and your body and mind will benefit greatly from a cheat meal. Don’t skip is either because your body can probably use the calories for recovery.

Follow this simple diet plan for at least 4 weeks to see amazing results. Don’t worry so much about what you are eating but how many calories you are consuming. Over complicating a diet plan will ultimately lead to failure, so keep it simple.

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