Breast Implants in the Modern Era

Breast enlargement has come a long way since the late 1800’s when a German doctor experimented with enlarging women’s breasts through less than ideal products.  In recent years the industry has exploded giving rise to great advances in safety and options.  At present there are three main prosthetics that a patient can choose from.

Silicone Implant-  This is the original implant created by Dow in the 1960’s.  As such it had an unfortunate history in the 70s of rupturing due to a thinner lining that was created at the request of doctors.  It was banned for a period in the United States but has since been re-approved by the FDA and is available if desired.  The downside is that they typically cost about $1000 more than Saline and require an expensive MRI every 2 years.  Plus as a safety concern, a rupture in the implant can be quite dangerous.

Saline Implants- Saline came about after silicone and is much safer.  The advantage of saline is from a cost and safety perspective.

Gummy Bear Implants-  Gummy bear implants are the latest generation of implant.  The main advantage of this variation is that they cannot rupture.  Plus they are able to be created to form a more natural shape.  Gummy bear implants get their name because they are made from a cohesive silicone that is reminiscent of a gummy bear.  The downside of gummy bear implants is that the surgery methods are limited and scarring tends to be larger.

There are plenty of good options if you are looking to get implants.  Do a little research and find out which type is best suited for you.  Each variation has its own advantages and disadvantages giving you the ability to get exactly what you want.    As always be sure to find a doctor you are comfortable with.  This will give you the best chance of having a positive breast enhancement experience.


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