What Experienced Weight Watchers Know about Human Behavior

Dieting demands the alteration of what has become a fairly ingrained human behavior. That fact underscores the importance of a dieter’s familiarity with behavior modification. Behavior modification is frequently discussed during the course of a weight watchers program. Those who attend such a program learn the reason behind the strategy they are asked to follow, as they seek to shed a few pounds.

For example, they discover that the act of keeping a record of food consumed during any one 24 hour period is essential if someone hopes to loose weight. The recording and analysis of that information leads to an examination of one behavior’s influence on a person’s lifestyle.

Those who attend a series of Weight Watchers meetings learn how to stick with a diet, even while eating at a restaurant. They discover that it pays to order a la carte, rather than requesting a larger packaged meal. When dining at a place with a buffet table, it is better to eat one portion at a time, than to put all desired servings on a single plate. That way the diner can consider carefully exactly what he or she really wants.

Because anyone who wants to control his or her weight must become a good meal planner, the same person needs to know how to shop for food. Knowledge of human behavior dictates that a dieter should never go shopping when he or she is hungry. Such an act just encourages impulse buying.

An awareness of the above facts should help any dieter to fight “the battle of the bulge.” Extra help can come from employment of another trick. Before attending a special event, it is best to eat a low calorie snack. That way, one should feel less inclined to taste each of then many items being served up at that occasion.

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