A Three Day Detox Plan for Healthy Living

The popular surge of detoxification for weight loss has sent natural remedy experts up in arms to defend the reasons for detoxification diets. Regardless of the duration, the first priority of a detoxification is to promote internal health that results in external vigor and a higher quality of life. While some such diets do result in weight loss, the main component of the plan is not based around this outcome. In most cases a quarterly 3 day detox plan will successfully clean the body of toxins and improve the overall health of anyone who uses it.

The most effective 3 day detox cleanse is the lemonade fast. It is also considerably more difficult than many plans. During the 3 day detox diet, the participant will make a lemonade drink consisting of one squeezed lemon, two table spoons of grade B maple syrup, and a dash of cayenne pepper per eight ounces of water. This drink, along with eight to ten glasses of water a day, is all that the dieter can consume with exception to the salt-water wash.

The salt-water wash is a difficult routine in its own right. After the first day of the detox the dieter should prepare a liter of water with four tablespoons of dissolved sea salt. The entire solution must be drank at once (drinking the solution over the sink is wise, since many people have a difficult time keeping it down). Once the solution is successfully home in the belly, the dieter must wait. This is the primary aspect of the cleanse, as it will force the intestines to purge toxins left in the colon and along the intestine walls.

While the lemonade diet can be followed for up to fifteen days safely, it is a wonderful 3 day detox diet plan. Many participants report feeling a surge of energy after each cleanse. And while the salt water wash is hard to perform, its effects are especially noticeable for dieters. Continuing forward with healthy eating and exercise will increase the rewards.

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