The Cayenne Pepper Diet Can Change Your Life

The Cayenne Pepper Diet Can Change Your Life

For many of us living a fast paced, hectic life is unavoidable.  We have demanding jobs, busy social lives and full time family commitments to fit into the sixteen or so hours a day that we’re awake.  Unfortunately, this means something has to give and far too often this means our diet suffer, and consequently our general health can pay the price for this lack of spare time.

The average western world diet is far too high in processed, high fat foods and far too low in fresh fruit and vegetables.  And let’s not even mention an over-reliance of coffee, alcohol and nicotine.

Many of these unhealthy dietary habits have been built up over years of neglect and consequently are tough to break.  The diet industry thrives on this – people go on a diet, eat well and feel better for a few weeks, then go straight back to their old routine, then the next year try another diet.  This is where The Cayenne Pepper Diet is way out of the box, it actually changes the way you want to eat.

Unlike most diet programs, you don’t need to subscribe to a course or pay anyone any money to do this.  You just go to your local store and buy lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  It’s that simple!

The catch comes in the form of only being allowed to consume these ingredients, mixed for water, for the duration of the program, which can be anything from 3-10 days.

The idea is that by not eating solid food your body, and in particular the colon and digestive tract, is free to clean itself out and rest, something it’s probably never done in its life so far!  This results in the clearing of much toxic waste from the colon and starts to clean your body from the inside out.

The cayenne, lemon, maple syrup and water drink that you consume provides you with the calories and nutrients to make sure you stay healthy and energised during the program.  Sure, you’re not taking in as many calories as you usually would, but it’s enough.  You’re free to drink as much of the drink as you like (usually between 10 and 15 glasses per day) and the reduction of calories means one added effect of the diet is often to lose weight.  Though remember, the aim of the diet isn’t to lose weight, it’s to cleanse the body.

The obvious question is that is always asked is ‘don’t you get hungry?’.  The simple answer is you shouldn’t.  Your body uses a huge amount of the energy it receives from food in digesting that food.  By not eating solids, all that energy is saved.  And if you do get hungry, just drink more juice!

Each day or two you should also conduct a salt water flush, to make sure you are flushing all the waste from your system. Mix a teaspoon of organic sea salt (not iodized salt) or Epsom Salts with 30 oz of warm water, or use normal temperature water if you prefer. Try to drink the solution down in one go.

When you finish the fast ease yourself back onto solid foods gently – DON’T jump straight into eating a big meal, it could cause serious constipation and other health issues.  Start by drinking fruit juice, then a few hours later fruit smoothies, then solid fruit.  If this is passing through OK, you can eat a light meal of say, a salad.

The amazing thing amount the cayenne pepper diet, is that after a 7 or 10 day cleanse it’s very normal to have no desire to go back to eating fast, processed foods.  Many people report that the urge to eat rubbish has gone and the feeling of having a light, empty colon is often enough to help change eating habits permanently.

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that this is not a fast, it’s a liquid diet.  A fast is complete abstinence from food of any kind.

The Cayenne Pepper Diet Juice Recipe

2 Litre batch – roughly 6-9 glasses

• 175 ml of Maple Syrup (preferably organic)

• 5 freshly squeezed lemons (organic if your budget and availability allows)

• 3 pinches of the Cayenne Pepper

– mix with filtered water to make 2 litres

You don’t need to be too strict with the measures, make it to suit your taste and don’t spend hours measuring out exact quantities.

Be careful though, if pre-mix all the ingredients together and leave it for too long, the enzymes in the lemon will die and the cayenne will stew and make the liquid very hot. To avoid this, just mix the freshly squeezed lemon juice and maple syrup together, store this in the fridge or a cool dark place, then mix with the water and cayenne as and when you drink it.

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