Are You Thinking About Taking Breast Enlargement Pills?

If you’re thinking about taking breast enlargement pills after reading the lengthy testimonials of women who have gained several bra sizes in just a few weeks or months while taking the pills and using the creams, then you owe it to yourself to discover what natural breast enhancement is all about.

First, I’m not going to scare you by saying that the supposed natural ingredients in natural breast enhancement products are in fact not natural at all and are very dangerous. That’s not the case. The companies that produce the pills and creams do indeed use a long list of natural herbs that are famous amongst traditional Chinese medical experts, alternative healers and naturopathic consultants. They are not usually harmful when taken separately (which is why each individual item is said to be FDA approved) and in fact are used to cure and heal the body of many ailments – especially in the female reproductive system. They are known to contain hormones that are similar to those in the human body, albeit of plant origin, like estrogen, which is called phytoestrogen when found in plants. Although they are not recommended to take if you are pregnant or have given birth and are breastfeeding a baby, there appears to be no documented side affects that are seriously negative when taken by healthy women.

All the above being true, the concentrated formulas that blend herbs together have not been tested as to their efficacy in enlarging breasts. Aside from the claims in advertising testimonials, there is no clinical evidence that women who take breast enlargement pills get larger breasts. Some independent women who have bought and tried the breast enhancement creams and herbal supplements write about what they have experienced. And in most cases the results are minimal, in some cases no more than a slight plumping (like when they get water retention before a period), and in other cases nothing happens at all, except that they have fewer cramps during their menstrual cycle. A few women state that they have increases a bra size or two or three, but most of these stories are on websites where the products are sold.

Physicians, surgeons, natural and alternative doctors and those in the body sculpting and enhancing industry do not endorse or promote these products. Maybe you should ask yourself why?

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