Best Fish Oil – Your Basic Knowledge About Fish Oil!

Nature, for men has been the sole and the primary reliance for nutrition and different sources and needs that make life easier. For much of the years that have built the foundations of medicine, nature has become medicine’s sole producer of subjects. These are so called subjects whether they may be used for certain experiments like defining the nature of a disease, a cure for a disease and even for the search of new essential nutrients that can help men achieve the health to ward off diseases and other ailments. And just like its usual role, nature has once again portrayed that it must not be taken for granted in the form of essential nutrients that can be found in some of nature’s off springs-the fish.

For most people fish has become a source of income for regardless of social standing as well as a significant source of food and nutrient like iodine. However, tuna and salmon among the long line of family of fishes which only God knows how many, have been found to have the richest sources of best fish oil, or the essential fatty acids. Omega 3 as they are called or n-6 fatty acids scientifically, has gained attention when research and science have found out that these essential fatty acids help in certain processes in the body. It has been linked to the development of a supportive and a defensive aspect of the kidneys, dermal or skin integrity and digestion as well. In the market, you may have encountered several sources of fatty acids being offered like plant sources. These may include flaxseed and linseed oil. However, these sources have been found to be less efficient in preventing heart diseases and protecting the cardio vascular system than their fish-source counterparts. This is due to the fact that when taken orally, the plant source fatty acid may take a longer time for the body or the gastro intestinal system to be specific, making it harder to break down. It may also have less efficient effect since it can only be converted to ala and not DHA or EPA, both of which are essential for the human biology. So it is better to opt for fish source of fatty acids.

There have been several studies that have proven that people with exercise, medication, diet and along with the best fish oil, have shown significant weight loss and reduction with the risks of heart diseases as well as cancer. It has also been found to increase survival rate for prostate cancers with less tumor growth.


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