Should We Keep our Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Keeping impacted wisdom teeth is usually a dental predicament that most adults have to go through. To resolve this issue, it is very important for you to understand the nature of wisdom impacted teeth. This will help you in deciding if they should stay or go.

Wisdom teeth are molars located at the far end of our mouth. They are called as such because they come out later in our lifetime compared to the other teeth. When the human jaw matures, it can only accommodate a certain number of teeth. This is because it has a tendency to shrink over time. That is why when wisdom teeth come out later on, they usually run out of space to develop.

The persistent development of wisdom teeth even if they do not have adequate space lead them to become what dentists called impacted. They are given this name because their growth creates an impact to the neighboring teeth and teeth structures. In most cases, such impact is negative in nature. An impacted tooth appears like a partially developed tooth. This tooth finds itself trapped between the gum surface and the jawbone.  You may see the crown or just the tip of an impacted tooth and the rest of it is still buried within the bone and gums. The biggest worry is when the root of impacted teeth starts to grow in an abnormal direction. This root might attach itself to other nerves that can bring dental problems. One of the most common problems that you will immediately experience is pain. This pain is sometimes unbearable.

This is the reason why a number of dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal at an early period. This procedure is considered to be an effective preventive measure for you to avoid experiencing the menacing impacted wisdom teeth symptoms. If you think that you would rather just have your impacted wisdom tooth remove earlier to avoid inconvenience, consult your dentist right away. Your dentist will make a thorough assessment to decide if extraction is necessary at this point or not.

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