The Dangers of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures on the market today. So much so that there are now many men who are openly getting male rhinoplasty procedures to improve their appearance. But as with all cosmetic surgery procedures, there are certain risks and dangers involved. At best, it will just cause some pain and inconvenience, at worst, it will require a full revision rhinoplasty procedure, wherein any damage has to be fixed. Due to technological and scientific advancements, success rates for rhinoplasty have soared, but the risks and possible dangers will always be present.

One of the primary dangers with surgical procedures in general is infection, because the incisions made during the operation are very susceptible to it. Doctors will usually prescribe medication to combat this, which is why it’s very important to diligently take them as directed. However, there are many possible unforeseen circumstances which may lead to eventual infection, and when this happens it is important that the patient return to the doctor as quickly as possible.

Another is nerve damage associated with the procedure. Nerve damage may hamper physical sensations around the nose at best, or cause severe pain at worst.

Bleeding is also common, but mostly is expected until the incisions can heal properly. Hematoma can also happen; hematoma is the condition wherein blood collects under the skin, and will have to be removed. And then there’s allergic or negative reactions to anesthesia, which can happen if the doctor fails to test it first.

Minor side effects include numbness around the area, occasional nosebleeds, and swelling, all of which are common and can be curbed by medication and proper post-procedure care. However, should any of these linger for longer than the doctor has projected, the patient has to bring them to the doctor’s attention.

There is also one side-effect that should be greatly considered about rhinoplasty. Depression and lowered self-esteem may happen, especially because rhinoplasty results do not appear fully until many weeks or months after. Many will feel anxious, and have thoughts about “what if the procedure went wrong?”. However, these feelings can subside by further understanding the procedure, and usually are gone when the results are finally revealed.

It is important to understand these risks and dangers before taking a rhinoplasty procedure. Proper consultations with the surgeon, as well as personal research and study of the procedure can give as much information as possible, but ultimately anyone who wishes to have rhinoplasty can only make the final decision on their own.

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