Breathe Easy while Driving with an Auto Air Purifier

In today’s economic state, we can say that pollution is everywhere, especially in the air. In line with this, since the air is getting thicker and thicker of other unnecessary and unhealthy particles, we start getting sick. Keeping our air clean is as important as keeping healthy. Because due to the dirty air we breathe, more and more people die every day of respiratory illnesses.
And because of that, solutions were made. One of them is the invention of air purifiers or cleaners. There are a lot of these products to choose from, coming from different companies. There are air purifiers built for facilities and rooms, others are built to be portable. And another, built for when you’re inside your vehicle. You not only to breathe clean air in your home and in your offices, but you’d also want to be comfortable in breathing the air inside your own car, right? So, auto air purifiers were made.
There are three classifications of airborne particles, coarse (bigger than 2 micron), fine (0.1 to 1 micron), and ultrafine (0.02 micron). These particles are hare hard to spot and therefore hard to eradicate, especially ultrafine ones. They may not have that much weight, but they are most dangerous for they are of large numbers. And these particles can be inhaled deep into our lungs which trigger inflammatory responses causing serious health problems. Particle pollution in the air is often connected to heart attacks, irregular heartbeat, lung disease, and asthma. And the air pollution outside a building may very well be as dangerous as the pollution on the streets. This goes the same with the air inside a particular automobile. The air in your car may very well be filled with even more dirty particles than that of the outside air. Chemicals used in the car’s engine and machinery, including its fuel, can circulate in and out of the car itself.
Car air purifiers work similarly as other air purifiers for other facilities. It removes certain air pollutants like dust, pollen, smoke, and bacteria, and certain odors such pet odors from the air you breathe. Those with activated carbon filter can capture gaseous and non-particle odors. Auto air purifiers, unlike car air fresheners that jus cover up the unwanted odors by distracting your sense of smell with stronger and more pleasant fragrances, it actually make your air cleaner and healthier to breathe. It also uses one or more of a few different air purification methods. You can be assured that the next time you set foot in your vehicle and drive to your destination; you are breathing clean and purified air.

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