Muscles That May Cause Back Pain Shoulder Blade Pain

Many of us suffer from back pain shoulder blade pain and don’t know why. It can be an awful pain to try and live with. The best way to understand why our shoulders have pain is to understand their anatomy. There are many different muscles in your shoulder area that can cause pain. Shoulders are an important part of the back and are very vulnerable to pain. Slouching and bad posture are the biggest culprits when you have back pain shoulder blade pain.  The anatomy of the shoulder is complex and knowing it can help us understand why pain occurs there.

First, you have the rotator cuff. It is made of four main muscles that connect your joints together is highly susceptible to injury and pain. Next are the bursae. These are sacks of fluid in your shoulder joints that can become swollen, inflamed or infected and cause pain. Trigger points under your arms for your muscles can cause back pain. If you have a herniated or slipped disc in your neck it can pinch nerves and result in back pain. The last and biggest muscle in your back is the trapezious.  This muscle is actually two trapezoid shaped muscles that lie over your shoulder blades and allow for their movement. These muscles are very susceptible to stress, anxiety and any other form of worry your body has. They can also become inflamed or irritated just by sitting or standing the wrong way.  These muscles are the biggest help when it comes to your posture. They help to keep your shoulder blades in place and keep you standing upright. When they hurt, your whole back can hurt and this can cause more strain on your back.

A lot of athletes suffer from back pain shoulder pain simply from not warming their muscles up right. Simple steps can be taken to ensure that your muscles stay healthy. A good diet and regular exercise for these muscles will help. Always stretching before any workout or physical activity will help. When an injury does happen, you can see a physical therapist that can help you get your muscles stretched back out and working right. If you injure your muscles severely you may need immobilization or surgery to fix the problem. Only a trained professional can diagnose and help with treatment of your back pain shoulder blade pain issues. If you are experiencing pain, get looked at and treated before the pain becomes worse.

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