The Gluten Free Diet

More and more people are becoming aware of gluten sensitivity and the benefits of staying away from foods with gluten. As a result, many companies, from prepackaged food suppliers to restaurants, are offering gluten free products for people who have sensitivity to gluten.

Doctors are now realizing that a larger segment of the population are severely allergic to gluten and more and more people are being diagnosed with celiac disease symptoms. Celiac disease syndromes include anemia, weight loss and malnourishment in children, bowl issues and fatigue. Others have no perceptible symptoms. The cure for the disease is a diet free of gluten.

People with celiac disease, people with gluten sensitivity and those of you who want to try a gluten free diet are having more and more options becoming available to you. As mentioned, there is an increasing amount of restaurants offering gluten free meals. Some restaurants are solely dedicated to gluten-free. A simple internet search is the easiest way to find these restaurants in your area. For people on the run, you have probably seen Lucys snacks in Starbucks. These are gluten free snacks available throughout the country. Another new company, Gluten Free To Go, makes a snack pack with several gluten free snacks in a pack for a quick meal. A recent Gluten Free Expo in South Florida highlighted the growing demand and availability of Gluten Free products.

For people who are eating at home there is a treasure trove of cookbooks and websites that have recipes and tips on cooking gluten free meals. You can go for one of the many cookbooks available, and keep it in your kitchen to keep it simple. You can also do web searches but, because there are so many sites, it is probably best to do a fairly specific search. Try something like gluten free pancakes.

The point is, whether you have a gluten allergy or just want to explore the benefits of a gluten free diet, there are a growing number of options available to you. You may find that making the switch is easier and pays bigger dividends then you ever imagined.

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