5 Ways To Snack Your Way Skinny

There are two kinds of snackers; healthy snackers who eat to help their body, and unhealthy snackers that simply eat because there is food in front of them. Unfortunately, there is some crossover between the two. Don’t get caught thinking you’re a healthy snacker, but doing detriment to your diet.

1. Make your snacks worthwhile. When most people think snacks, they think vending machine. This means high calorie, energy-dense, low-nutrient, sugar filled foods. Not only do they eat these on a regular basis, but they often times don’t realize the caloric damage they are doing to their diet. These high calorie, highly processed foods are not good for your blood sugar, and cause cause weight gain. Trade these worthless foods for those that are worthwhile. Your snacks should be fat burning foods composed of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean protein, and low fat dairy.

2. Ditch the soda. That trip to the vending machine often times results in a 150 calorie bottle of soda. Don’t do it. Drinking your calories through soda is not going to help you in any way, reach the diet goals you’ve set for yourself. Water can help you to feel full, causing you to avoid overeating and over snacking.

3. Plan for your snacks. It is a common myth that all snacks do is add more calories to your daily intake. This will be the case if you don’t plan for your snacks. Make your main meals a little smaller so you have room to add some healthy snacks in. If you eat more, smaller meals throughout the day you will keep your blood sugar in line, and will help keep that metabolism going. Eating extra snacks on top of your huge meals will cause you to gain weight if you are eating too many calories.

4. Snack when you are hungry not when you are bored. The aim of adding healthy snacks into your food choices is not to increase your caloric intake. It is to moderate that blood sugar, and keep you from getting ravenously hungry, causing you to overeat at mealtimes.

5. Stock your desk, purse, or pantry. If you are likely to need some snacks throughout the day, make healthy snack choices easy for you and have healthy snacks on hand. This will help you to avoid making a poor snack decision.

Food journaling is the best way to be sure that you aren’t overdoing it on the snack front. If you know how many calories you are consuming, you know if you are eating too many calories with your snack choices.

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