Enjoy A Chlorine-Free Shower With A Sprite Shower Filter

Millions of people take showers regularly every week, however only a hand full of individuals are aware of the chemicals and elements present in the water as they bathe. Water being used in showers contains chlorine, an element often used for the constant purification of swimming pools. As a result the water can be harmful to both skin and hair when used regularly.

Luckily there is a shower head water filter that eliminates chlorine from the shower before it hits your skin. One of the most popular ones is the Sprite shower filter, a perfect choice when wanting to eliminate chlorine from your shower.

There are numerous benefits in using the Sprite shower filter. One of the popular benefits is that it gives you smoother skin and silkier hair in as little as 2 weeks due to the elimination of chlorine. Because of the elimination of chlorine the water is softer, meaning it is relatively devoid of minerals which makes it easier to clean the tub after use with minimal scrubbing. Unlike its competitors, every Sprite shower filter removes both free and combined chlorine over different water temperatures. Competitors often remove chlorine in hot water only.

Another great benefit of having a shower filter of this caliber is that it can be used with your current shower head! Unlike some other brands, this shower filter is easy to install while being highly affordable. If you have a baby, Sprite has small filters that connect to the sink faucet, which eliminates chlorine at that source so your baby can be protected from chlorine and leaving his or her skin soft.

When picking a shower filter, look for those that are NSF/ANSI certified, which proves the ability to remove chlorine completely from your shower. (Sprite shower filters have this certification.)

If you are looking for the best in a shower water filter, want silky hair and very clean skin, while being highly affordable, then Sprite shower filters are the way to go. Compare other brands of shower filters with Sprite filters and you will quickly see why this brand is one of the best on the market.

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