Rhinoplasty, the most popular in male plastic surgery

The most popular procedure for male plastic surgery is rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job.  This surgery can be done for a variety of reasons, but the two most popular are for cosmetic reasons (to make the nose look more aesthetically pleasing) and for functional reasons (to repair a deviated septum).

There are several cosmetic reasons a man might want to have plastic surgery on his nose.  If the nose is out of proportion to the rest of the face, mis-aligned, or has a hump, the man may want to have these problems corrected.  Most of the scars for surgery on the nose will be invisible on the outside.  There is one externally visible scar on the skin between the tip of the nose and the lip.

A deviated septum may occur as a genetic condition or due to injury, such as during child birth or as the result of trauma to the face.  The deviated septum can cause many medical problems, including difficulty breathing, headaches, snoring and sleep apnea.  Repair of the septum is a common plastic surgery procedure.  In the plastic surgery, the cartilage is repaired and aligned correctly with the face.

Other plastic surgeries for men are by far less common.  These include repair of eyelids that droop, chin enhancement or reduction of the abdomen.   Men who for one reason or another have developed male breasts may be interested in plastic surgery to reduce the size of the breast.

When considering male plastic surgery, men should realize that the procedure is a surgical procedure and that there are risks involved.  The surgeon will be operating with the man under anesthesia and there may be several days recovery needed before being able to return to work.  While plastic surgery to correct a medical condition is often covered by insurance, most cosmetic surgery is not.

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