Detoxify with the Cayenne Pepper Cleanse

One way to detoxify and cleanse the colon is the cayenne pepper cleanse. This cleanse is a home based remedy that is made by using cayenne pepper and other medicinal herbs in a beverage form. The drink is said to help detoxify one’s body. It is a part of a popular diet program and most recipes use cayenne pepper as well as maple syrup and lemon juice.

Lemon juice supplies an acid that helps to remove toxins as waste materials from the body. Complex sugars that supply energy are provided by the maple syrup. Cayenne pepper suppresses the appetites and helps to eliminate mucus. It can also improve blood circulation while reducing bloating.

Capsaicin found in this pepper stops the platelets in the blood from binding. It also helps to increase the normal cleansing process of the colon, which is said to help in healing of your body. After use of the diet, people often look healthier and have a fresh appearance.

Once the toxins are removed from the body through a colon cleanse, you will feel better immediately. Since the appetite is suppressed, you may naturally lose weight which is why some folks use cayenne for weight loss. Be careful that you do not over do the cleansing process by paying close attention to the reaction of your body. Since every person works differently and all of us have different concerns about health, you will want to monitor yourself. You might want to speak with your doctor before beginning this process.

You will find the cleanse is easy to prepare. The basic recipe includes two tablespoons each of lemon juice and maple syrup along with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. This mixture is diluted with pure water. The amount of pepper can be adjusted according to personal taste and you may want to make changes if you continue on the diet. The solution should not burn the mouth. The maximum amount of pepper should be less than an eighth of a teaspoon. Try the cleanse for your self to see if it helps you to feel better and remain focused and sharp.

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