The Negative Effects of Alcohol Use

One of the surest ways to improve your life is to cut back on alcohol use. Those looking for the easy way to stop drinking will find that there’s no magic bullet. However, perhaps having the right information about drinking, explaining its negative physical and social effects, can help motivate those who need it. So here are some of the major negative effects of alcohol use:

1) Alcohol contains calories. Thus, those who drink a lot can gain weight simply by doing so. This is the origin of the much maligned “beer belly,” but the fat doesn’t just have to stack up on the waistline.

2) Alcohol can lead to many diseases. It attacks the liver and can cause cirrhosis if drinking is chronic. It can also lead to cancer as well as many other conditions, in part due to the effect of the alcohol on healthy body cells.

3) Drinking may lead to driving, and hundreds of people are killed a year in drunk driving accidents.

4) Many people get into fights or have arguments when they are drinking. The link between alcohol and aggression is clear. Thus, people may find themselves injured, physically or emotionally, after bouts of drinking.

5) It can be addictive. Like any addictive substance, alcohol can take over someone’s life.

6) Alcohol is also linked with depression. Those who drink a lot may become more depressed, causing a negative spiral that is hard to stop.

7) Alcohol can also have significant negative social effects. For example, people may suffer in the work performance if they drink too much, or miss work altogether if they are hung over. They may also not be respected or trusted by friends and family if drinking gets in the way of their responsibilities.

8) Drinking doesn’t equate to happiness. A drink here and there with friends is a good time, but otherwise it can be destructive to lives.

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