Bleeding Hemorrhoids – A real pain in the butt

Bleeding hemorrhoids sufferers are well aware of the pain, itching, swelling and overall discomfort that comes along with the condition. However, what they may not be aware of is that it’s a condition that can, in most cases, be prevented.

Because bleeding hemorrhoids are normally caused by straining during bowel movements, then it stands to reason that by not straining, one can prevent the onset of this condition. Now, of course, not every case of hemorrhoids, such as in those involving pregnant women, is completely preventable or is the cause of straining.

For the ones that are, then the following tips will help sufferers prevent a reoccurrence once the present condition is cleared up.

Start by including plenty of natural fiber in the diet. Leafy green vegetables, whole grains, nuts and fruit are all good sources of fiber. Of course, keep your diet balanced because too much fiber will cause bloating.

Drink plenty of water. 6-8 glasses per day. Stool needs to be hydrated. If you lack enough water in your body then the stool will be harder to pass. So drink water often.

Get some exercise – everyday. Walk, stretch, park further away from the grocery store. Move your body and you will help move your digestive system along.

Lastly, and most important, don’t strain. Bleeding hemorrhoids are very uncomfortable – more uncomfortable than constipation. Keep this in mind when constipated and the urge to push and strain to pass stool is a strong one. Don’t do it. If you’re eating properly, drinking plenty of water, and your physician has ruled out any serious conditions of the colon or other digestive areas, then eventually, you will have a bowel movement. So get up, have a cup of decaf tea, a glass of water and take a walk. Straining will cause hemorrhoids or eventually, bleeding hemorrhoids but walking won’t. Try again later rather than sitting too long on the toilet.

If you already have or suspect that you have a bleeding hemorrhoid, be sure to check with your doctor that the source of blood is indeed from hemorrhoids. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of a more serious condition. If you’re positive the source of bleeding is hemorrhoid related, try a sitz bath 3-5 times per day, over the counter creams and for pain, Tylenol or other non-aspirin containing pain reliever. Always, check with your doctor before self treating if you aren’t sure what’s appropriate for your condition.

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