Eating High Alkaline Foods For Health

Followers of the alkaline diet ensure that they eat a diet that is high in alkaline foods. This may seem difficult to understand if you do not yet know anything about this diet but in actual fact it is pretty simple. It turns out that an easy way to think of alkaline foods is as fruit and vegetables. Everyone knows, or should do, that including a reasonable amount of fresh produce in our diet is a good thing. It is just that people interested in this way of describing their diet perhaps think about things in a slightly different way than the rest of us.

I have been interested in the alkaline acid diet for a few years now. What I like about it is that it does not focus on weight loss as so many other diets do. Instead, this way of eating is first and foremost about health. This is a better way of looking at well being in my opinion than our weight. My own personal weight is underweight if anything so trying to loose weight is definitely not something that I am interested in.

High alkaline foods are not directly related to the pH value of the raw food. For example, oranges and lemons contain citric acid and in their natural state are acidic. But when we eat them and they are metabolized by our bodies, they actually have an alkalizing effect. This may seem strange. However it is to do with the minerals contained within these fruits that is the determining factor in what is alkaline and what is acidifying.

Proteins cause foods to have an acidifying effect upon our body. While other elements such as potassium and magnesium help to give foods their alkaline properties. Fruits and vegetables contain little protein and reasonable amounts of the other minerals which gives them their alkalizing effects.

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