How to Give a Great Foot Massage

Whether your own feet are sore and need some help, or you are giving someone else a treat, giving a great foot massage is a great skill to have. Start by soaking the feet in a foot bath. You can get a motorized foot bath with jets and massage bumps on the bottom, or you can just use a small bucket and fill it with hot water and bath salts. Let them soak for 30 minutes or so.

Next, dry the feet off thoroughly. You can use oil or lotion to massage the feet so that they get soft and moisturized at the same time. Start by gently stroking the feet from the toes to the ankles. Do this both on the top of the foot and the bottom. At first, stroke them gently, then as you go, apply more pressure.

Start massaging the bottom of the foot in a circular motion. Apply varying degrees of pressure depending on where you are on the foot. For example, place more pressure on the heal and the ball of the foot and less in the center of the foot. To best make a circular motion, use your thumps while you hold the foot with the rest of your hand.

Continue the circular massage over the toes as well. Stroke in between each of the toe. Stretch your foot, or have the person getting the massage stretch their foot, as you massage. This will really help to loosen up the foot muscles. Also, twist the foot lightly as you progress. Getting a good deep tissue massage means massaging deep with in the foot as well as on the surface.

Follow these same techniques on each foot. By now, all the lotion or oil the foot will soak up has been absorbed. Use a towel to wipe off any excess. By following these foot massage techniques the receiver will feel much better.

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