Cheap Juicers: Breville BJE200XL Is Good

The Breville BJE200XL is most certainly one of the best budget juicers on the market today. This machine costs less than $100 to buy. It is in fact the lowest cost model in the Breville line up of centrifugal juicing appliances but it still packs a punch. It has lots of the features of the more expensive models. Its motor is powerful too. This machine spins its central filter basket so fast that it only takes a matter of seconds to convert a bowl of fruit and vegetables into a healthy and nutritious drink.

There are lots of different styles of juicers on the market these days. But if you want a cheap machine then the best option is a centrifugal machine. These are the ones that can make juices quickest which is nice. There are other styles as well. For example, masticating juicers work at a slower pace but they have the advantage that they can extract wheat grass juice and also because they work more slowly they are thought to be less damaging to the nutrients that the fruits and vegetables contain.

That is right. With the high speeds that centrifugal juicers operate, there is a bit of heat that is generated. When the temperature of the extracted juice is raised, even slightly, this speeds up the oxidation processes. This has a detrimental effect upon the nutrients and means that the juice should really be drunk as soon as possible for us to get the maximum health benefits.

But overall, centrifugal juicers like the Breville BJE200XL offer us the ability to make juices so quickly and easily that this negative aspect is out weighed for many of us by their convenience. What you look for in the juicers that are sold today is something that you have to consider carefully.

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