heavy alcohol drinking article

One of the biggest keys to addiction is heavy alcohol drinking and the need to hit the bottle several times during the week. Many people feel that they are not an addict if they are not drinking every day, but this is not true at all. In fact, you can be an addict if you are drinking just a few times a week. What makes someone an addict is the need to consume based on the emotional feels that they have when they are drinking. A lot of people are drinking because it makes them feel good, this is one sign that you are an addict. Another sign of addiction is the need to drink in order to deal with feelings or sadness, depression or anxiety. Any time that you have an event in your life that is causing you to drink, this is a strong indication that there is an addiction there.

Once you realize that you are an addict, you should deal with the addictive personality that many of these addicts have. This type of personality means that you need to drink in order to deal with any events that happen in your life. At the smallest sign of stress, you will feel the need to have a drink and this is a problem that can lead to severe addiction in the future. Even if you are not consuming massive amounts of alcohol currently, you should stop this problem before it becomes too difficult to deal with. What you need to do is think about getting treatment for this addiction. With the help of a doctor, you will be able to stop drinking and correct the behaviors that will make you feel that you need to drink. Once you correct these, it will become much easier to stay sober.

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