Mobile MRIs May Help Your Imaging Center Save Money

In these hard economic times, many industries have been looking for ways and means to cut on costs. The healthcare industry is one of them. With the huge amounts spent on medical equipment, many diagnostic imaging centers and hospitals are opting to refurbish and upgrade their already existing equipment instead of buying new ones. In the case of MRI scanners, many big medical centers make use of a mobile MRI in addition to their fixed MRI unit. The mobile MRI enables them to meet the increasing imaging demands at a much lower cost and helps minimize backlog.

Mobile MRI units have the same performance as a fixed unit. They offer the same exceptional, diagnostic quality images as fixed MRI scanners. However, they are more flexible because they are portable and can go anywhere. Mobile MRI services are especially helpful for diagnostic medical centers who cannot afford big medical equipment. They allow rural imaging centers who have low- to mid- range budgets to offer MRI services to their patients.

Many companies nowadays also offer mobile MRI rental. Depending on your medical center’s needs, companies offer complete flexibility in your leasing contract whether you need the units on a short-term or long-term basis. Many medical institutions rent a mobile MRI when they are in the process of upgrading their existing units, when they are installing a new system or replacing an existing one or when there are ongoing renovations in the building. This is done to avoid any disruptions and allow continuous access to services.

Another way to increase cost-savings is to purchase used mobile MRI. However, when choosing a pre-owned mobile MRI, you must be sure that the unit has been refurbished with the highest standards. The refurbished units should be able to operate as if they were new.
A mobile MRI should be part of your organizations imaging systems equipment because it can actually help your diagnostic center or hospital save a huge amount of money. This is the reason why it is becoming a more popular option than a fixed MRI scanner.

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