The Best Juicer Models That Will Cost You Less Than $100

What is the best juicer model being sold in the market today? This is a really hard question to answer as to the reason that juicer machines come in a long list of varieties that may easily cause confusion to any person who’s looking for a good juicer to bring home for his family to use. When we talk about choosing the best juicer, we are not solely looking at the features that a specific model can offer but as well as the price that you have to deal with if you want to bring home.

If you have been looking at the juicer reviews of different juicer machines for quite some time already and you have already spotted a few good choices but you can’t afford any one of them, then you don’t need to forget the joys of juicing because there are actually excellent juicer models out there that will only cost you less than a hundred dollars. Let’s look at who they are. First among the best juicer models that you can purchase for less than $100 is the Oster 3157. This is a centrifugal juicer machine that can handle almost any type of fruit or vegetable that you would like to turn into a healthy juice drink within minutes. However, this can’t take in wheatgrass and green leafy veggies but a very small drawback to whine about given the fact that you’re only going to pay less than a hundred bucks for this kitchen appliance. The Oster 3157 runs on a 400-watt electric motor but only has a single speed configuration, which is considered as the standard in its class.

Another good but cheap juicer machine you can look at is the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67600. Based on its name, the Big Mouth is made with a large chute where you can easily throw in large ingredients so you no longer need to spend a long time on chopping fruits and vegetables before you can slide them in your juicer. This model will work great if you don’t want to spend long hours in the kitchen preparing juice drinks.

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