Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

When it comes to eating healthier, our society has almost made it impossible for us to do…Almost, but not quite. I realize that we are stretched for time and that quick and simple is always easiest, but surely there has got to be something healthy that falls into this quick and simple category, right?
The truth of the matter is that dinner seems to be the only meal we can actually go home and put a little bit of effort into because of our time constraints of the everyday grind. However, what do you do for breakfast and lunch? Do you eat a Pop Tart on the way into work? Go grab a burger and fries for lunch? Use the all-encompassing wonder, more commonly known as the vending machine? In all of these cases, the problem becomes not only the poor food that we are polluting our bodies with, but worse yet, the habits we fall into.
What can we do, what can you do, to make your diet healthier and retain that quick and simple mentality? Here are a few suggestions.
– Start your morning with an apple and some orange juice instead of coffee and a donut. The truth of the matter is, we get more alertness and up-and-at-em out of an apple than we do from coffee. Sure, apples do not actually have caffeine in them, but they have something better, and it is called glucose. I will not get all nerdy and give you a biology lecture, but glucose fuels our brains and gives us the energy needed to perform daily routines, which is way more than coffee could even imagine doing for us, not to mention apples wont stain your teeth or give you stale breath.

– Snack on high protein items. Protein vies as one of the most essential components in our digestion, in our metabolism, and in our overall health. Some high protien snacks include Nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios), Beef Jerky (believe it or not, this chewy snack is very high in protein, but be careful, the gas station jerky is often high in salt. Instead, try your nearest health food storeisle), Cottage Cheese (throw some pineapple or your favorite fruit into a quick 4-oz snack for some flavor), and lastly, Oatmeal (you could even get sneaky here and make a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies to feed that sweet tooth).

– Pack a lunch, or get something to gobut do not do the cheeseburger fries combination. Instead, try a soup or a salad pack a tuna-salad sandwich (also an extremely high protein food), or a grilled chicken wrap. Instead of soda, try flavored water.
Not only will you notice a change in your overall attitude, you will gain an extra pep in your step. You will knock off a few of those lazy pounds that tend to hang around, you will notice a surprising amount of extra money in your bank account, and most of all, you will see a much healthier version of yourself in the mirror every morning.

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