The Benefits Of Using A Temporal Thermometer

A temporal thermometer is a device that is able to take a human temperature reading simply by passing a temperature reader across the forehead. This device has exploded in popularity in recent years, and has become the preferred method of taking temperature readings in many hospitals and doctors’ offices. The popularity of this device is not only due to its ability to take very accurate temperature readings; this device also causes less discomfort and distress among patients.

A simple light forehead stroke is what is required in order to obtain a temperature reading with a temporal thermometer. The temporal artery of the forehead area is the location where the device is placed. The body’s temperature can be measured in just three seconds using this device. This eliminates all discomfort associated with taking an accurate temperature reading. Many parents and patients love that there is no longer a need to have a device inserted into their ears, rectum or mouth. Parents especially love that this device can be used on a child with an ear infection, or on an infant or child that is sleeping.

The temporal artery is used to detect the temperature because it is located only one millimeter below the skin on the forehead. Because of the artery’s close proximity to the skin’s surface, this area of the forehead is a prime location to use when detecting a person’s body temperature. These thermometers are available in pediatric and standard models, and are known as the most technologically advanced thermometers on the market today. This thermometer is designed to be 100% non-invasive while providing a reading just as accurate as a reading that an invasive procedure would provide.

The Exergen temporal thermometer is the most popular brand on the market, and is known for its supreme accuracy. This model has been clinically tested against many other temporal thermometers on the market, and has repeatedly stood out as one of the best. In fact, studies have been done to measure the accuracy of this thermometer against a conventional rectal thermometer, and results reveal that the results from the Exergen thermometer are just as accurate.

The Exergen brand is the brand that you will find in the majority of doctor’s offices and hospitals that use this technology. The temporal thermometer is ideal for use on people of all ages, including seniors and newborn infants. This device provides very accurate results, and the Exergen brand is one that can be trusted.

So think about exchange your old digital ear thermometer.

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