Different Types of Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Deodorants and antiperspirants are designed to do one or two different things for you. Deodorant is designed to stop odor that’s caused by underarm sweat. Antiperspirants are designed to stop the sweat itself. So if you have one of these problems, as if you have wet underarms or you find yourself having a bit of odor, switching to a different deodorant can make a huge difference for you. You might just need a better brand or you might need a completely different type of deodorant. If you have been using a sports deodorant, you may have better results from one of the fragrance oriented ones like Jovan musk deodorant. Even the method of application can make a big difference in how well the product works for you.

If you sweat a great deal, you’ll probably want to choose an antiperspirant or a deodorant-antiperspirant. A plain deodorant isn’t designed to control wetness at all but only to control odor. Any antiperspirants, however, will keep your underarms dry unless you have a serious sweating problem. The type of application you choose will also make a difference in how you feel about your deodorant. Sticks and gels tend to go on dryer than creams and roll ons which are very wet. An aerosol spray is yet another option that feels almost instantly dry unless you really over apply. Most body sprays that are perfumed and advertised as deodorant come in an aerosol spray.

If you tend to sweat a lot, a product that has antiperspirant properties is probably best. This will help the deodorant properties work better because there will be less odor there to fight in the first place. You also might want to avoid products that go on wet like roll-ons, since they’re less likely to dry and feel comfortable if you tend to sweat very easily. If you can shave your armpits, this can go a long way toward eliminating lingering wetness and odor, as well. Be sure not to apply deodorant or antiperspirant right after shaving because you could have a slight nick or scrape that will immediately sting if you apply deodorant to it. And every now and then, go a few hours without deodorant just to let your skin breathe, especially if you often use antiperspirants.

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