If People Run When They Smell Your Bad Breath…

Imagine that you are in the checkout line at a major store and it is your turn to check out.  Your mind is on what method of payment you are going to use when your thoughts are interrupted.  A foul smell assaults your senses making you reel!

It takes a few milliseconds for you to realize the source of the odor.  The checkout cashiers mouth.  The bad breath is amongst the strongest you have every encountered!

I do not intend to pick on checkout clerks here, in fact it is pretty likely that one of their managers or coworkers are going to let them know fairly quickly. On the other hand, there might not be much on the store’s shelves that are going to help him.

This is the dilemma of bad breath. What do you do about it?  Do those alcohol laden mouthwashes and breath mints really do anything beyond a 15 minute time span?   What if those popular mouthwashes were actually making things worse!

If people run when they smell your breath, then you KNOW something has to be done.  The question becomes, what?.   This is the real problem. Sorting through tons of information and trying dozens of solutions with no results could leave anyone discouraged and unhappy.

One information source you may not have looked into is the oramd review. With the power of essential oils, you may have found a powerful, natural solution that could be of real benefit to you.

Yet, there is one other item that you may or may not have considered in your quest to defeat the halitosis monster.  All the tongue scraping an mouthwash is not likely to solve your problem if the smell is coming from your tonsils!

That is correct, one possible of bad breath could come from your tonsils.  Although, not always the case, it is a good idea to rule the possibility out.  If this is indeed the source, consider getting a tonsil stone removal kit.  The directions are usually fairly simple and getting rid of those stones can also lead to other types of relief too.

In any case, there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Stay diligent can keep working on this problem until you find the answer!

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