More on Amino Acids

You probably are wondering about what amino acids are what exactly they for are so here are some tidbits on amino acids.

Amino acids are organic acids that come from protein. When we eat protein containing products such as meat, our body breaks down the protein so it can be digested in a simpler form. This is the amino acid.

Amino acids are colorless and are tiny crystalline substances that are soluble in water and are easily diffusible. When we have amino acids in our body, this means that our body can break down the protein we take.

Amino acids serve a good purpose in our body. They are necessary in building up cells of living organisms therefore we can say that they are also needed in the repair of damaged areas in the body especially when the protein breaks down during metabolism. They therefore help in the wear and tear process.

Amino acids are also protein storages. This goes for such cases such as our grandparents. There are some amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the body and they are called essential amino acids. We need these nutrients too for the function of our bodies.

Amino acids also help in the synthesis process. They synthesize bile acids, plasma proteins, hemoglobin, hormones, milk proteins in breast feeding mothers, and a lot of other enzymes and hormones that we produce I our body.

Amino acids also give us the energy that we need. They also help in the excretion of harmful toxins inside our body. Without amino acids, we might not be able to have wastes excreted from our body and we could get sick.

Amino acids are essential in our lives. They help our body function to its best performing state. Take note, amino acids are always essential to the growth and maintenance of life.

Harvin Gulfill is the editor of Proteintilskud. Here you can also read more about Aminosyrer.

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