Use Adjustable Dumbbell Sets To Save Time

Weight training is the key to gaining muscle mass.   It’s also a great way for older folks to keep in shape and maintain the muscle mass that’s been gained over the years.   An easy and convenient way to train at home or in your office is to use a small set of weights, ideally adjustable dumbbells.   There are several types of dumbbell sets you can choose from, many of which require additional space to keep several sets of weights.   After all, you’ll need to adjust the amount of weight you’ll use if you’re doing bicep curls and shoulder presses and fly exercises.

In the past, changing the amount of weights on your dumbbell meant pulling out a wrench to loosen the collar, then adjust the weights by pulling off or adding on different plates.   This is the most time consuming part of the workout, which ideally you want to keep as short as possible.    With adjustable dumbbell sets, the notion of spending additional time changing the amount of weight on your dumbbell is now a thing of the past.

With the newest lines of adjustable dumbbell sets, you can keep a set of dumbbells that can be adjusted up to 130 lbs or more simply by hand turning a few adjustments.   Examples of some great dumbbell systems include PowerBlock, bowflex selecttech 552 dumbbells, Reebock, Stamina and LifeSmart.   These systems are essentially click-and lock systems that add or delete weights based on where you click and lock.   Imagine the ease and versatility with having a great system like this at your beckon.   You’ll save lots of time which you can then turn back toward your workout routine.

Adjustable dumbbell sets are priced somewhat higher than standard single-dumbbells, but having the availability of a wide range of weights you can have quick access to will expand your dumbbell weight training routine.   You’ll find that you can do more exercises in the amount of time you save by not changing out weights and collars.   The more time you can spend on your strength training, the close you’ll get to meeting your goals.


  1. I got new personal dumbbell sets at home. They’re just for everyday use. Thanks for everything I’ve learned here regarding health and fitness. More power!

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