How to Get Rid of Head Lice

Some parents react with horror when they realize that their children have lice in their heads. They follow this up with the purchase of some shampoo for lice removal in the hope that they will be able to eliminate the lice in one single treatment. The downsides to these shampoos charged with lice removal is that they are manufactured using some rather strong pesticides which might be effective but also rather strong for the skin of children. They have also been found to cause strong allergic reactions which might actually be dangerous for the young ones. As a result of this, alternative treatment or home remedies for head lice are increasingly gaining popularity.

Lice are small parasites that like to move about in unkempt hair. Their eggs are known as nit eggs. The easiest of all home remedies for removing nits is to just comb them to oblivion using a lice comb immediately after hitting the shower. For this procedure to be effective, this procedure will have to be done repeatedly over a period of one week or so. Consistency is the secret as lice removal can be a rather time consuming and boring undertaking. Even after using the shampoo, you will still be required to comb out the nits. For those who want to know how to get rid of head lice without having to use chemicals and pesticides, you have the healthy alternative of suffocating the head lice.

This is achieved using olive oil, mayonnaise or Vaseline and applying on the entire head. After applying a thick layer on the head, it is important that you put on a shower cap over the head of your child until morning when you wash the head thoroughly with warm water to effect the overall treatment. This procedure can be extremely untidy at times, but generally it is very effective in killing the nits and lice by way of suffocation. Any greasy residue can be removed through the use of vinegar. There is a topical medicine referred to as Ulesfia and which is recommended by most doctors for the removal of head lice.

This topical medicine is recommended for application on the area behind the ears and neck. It smothers the lice and it is recommended that you apply it twice i.e. the second application should be done after the lapse of one week. Another popular alternative of removing head lice is to use essential oils and tree oils. These oils happen to lack FDA approval and as such are considered to be less effective in the rooting out of head lice. This is not exhaustive as pertains to how to get rid of head lice. There are many more methods that one can employ in this endeavor.


  1. I panicked when I realized my two kids had head lice. I went to the pharmacy to get the safest yet most effective shampoo to get rid of them. They’re gone now but when I get into the same problem again in the future I’ll try the brand you’re recommending here. Thanks.

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