What Causes ADHD?

Genetics and neurobiology are thought to be the main causes of ADHD found in children. Parents can ask: What has gone wrong? Did we do something to cause the condition? And so on. There is little convincing evidence today that states that ADHD can develop because of social methods of child rearing. Most legitimate reasons behind these claims seem to belong under the realm of genetic and neurobiology.

The goal of parents should be looking for the best potential way to help their children. Researchers studies are done on ADHD causes, in an attempt to identify improved ways to treat, and maybe someday, to avoid ADHD. There is evidence that ADHD does not stem from home environment, but that ADHD is because of biological factors. Knowing these findings can remove a great burden of guilt, because parents can quit blaming themselves for their children’s condition. Nowadays, research studies have proposed theories on possible causes of ADHD. A number of the theories have led to dead ends; others became avenues for new and interesting research for ADHD.

The relationship of environmental factors and ADHD is considered a cause for the condition. Studies show a possible link of smoking and alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the risk of ADHD with the offspring. Therefore, as a precaution, it is better to instruct women to abstain from cigarettes and alcohol during pregnancy. Another environmental agent that can be linked to an increased risk of ADHD is high lead levels in the bodies of young children. Because lead is no longer allowed in paint and is only found in older buildings, exposure to toxic levels is not as widespread as it once was. Children living in older buildings where lead is present in pipes or lead paint that was painted may be at risk.

Food additives and sugar are considered another cause of ADHD. It has been suggested that ADHD symptoms are caused by refined sugar or food additives, or may lead to an exacerbation of symptoms. When looking for ADHD remedies, the causes of ADHD need to be addressed for the best treatment.

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