Four Myths About Acne and Acne Redness

Zits tend to be one of those things that everyone is horrified of, but nobody really knows all that much about. Here are some myths about acne and acne redness.

Myth #1: You can avoid pimples just by keeping your face clean.
Fact: Scrubbing your face too much can actually result in getting more pimples! While it’s true that you do want to keep your face clean, and you should wash it every day, scrubbing too hard can irritate the skin and lead to zits. Keep it clean, but don’t overdo it. You can also improve your chances of keeping your face clean by watching your diet (avoid sugary drinks, particularly soda) and avoiding getting stressed out.

Myth #2: Pimples are horribly embarrassing and your parents just don’t understand
Fact: The vast majority of people in the western world will get acne at some point in their lives. It’s perfectly natural, and a much bigger deal than people make it out to be. Due to the chemical changes that occur during puberty, it tends to be most prevalent during that time, which means that acne problems will often go away on their own.

Myth #3: You need expensive medicines to cure acne
Fact: While there are a number of over the counter options that do a good job, there are also a number of acne home remedies that work just fine. For example, many people see improvement simply by putting a mixture of lemon juice and water on their faces for half an hour per day; all-natural, effective, and cheap!

Myth #4: Acne redness means your zits are coming back
Fact: Acne redness is actually a natural result of the healing process; while you should probably consult a doctor if it persists for more than two months, in the short term it’s nothing to worry about. And you don’t actually look like Rudolph.

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