The Best Exercise to Lose belly fats

Understand that in losing belly fats means losing the overall body fats as well. Diet is not the only component of it. Exercise always plays a major role. Exercise is not only proven to burn extra calories and help tone your body, but it is considered as the safest way to reduce fats. Today I will discuss the “exercise approach” on how to lose belly fat fast.

First you should know the two basic types of exercise.

The aerobic exercise is the first type. From the word aerobic, it means “oxygen requiring activities”. It burns fat through using the calories or energy you currently stored in the body. Usually what we use for energy are carbohydrates. Some diets suggest decreasing carb intake to increase the chance of burning fats, which causes the belly ring, to burn more.

You can do this by walking jogging, swimming, playing basketball, tennis. Anything that makes you sweat, makes you breathe more, and of course makes your heart beat fast.

Strength training is considered as the second type of exercise. It doesn’t much burn calories, but it could help you build muscles which in turn make your metabolic rate high. Strength training is done using weights, and repetitive exercise that increase muscles size, tone and strength. If you plan to form those abdominal muscles, crunches, and leg lifts are under this type of exercise.

For these exercise to lose belly fat to work, you would have to consider your tolerance and also the time and frequency. Tolerance means not overdoing it, especially with weight lifts. Don’t carry heavy weights during your first time. It would only strain you. Try to start slow and gradually increase the level. Same goes with running and jogging, start by walking, jogging and if tolerated, proceed to running.

Be religious with your exercise plans. Set schedule, time and place. The place doesn’t matter, you can do it anywhere for aerobic exercise. For strength training you could go to gym or stay at home if you want to buy equipments. The key point is to be consistent and not to fail to follow the schedule. Four to five times is recommended for aerobics while strength training is three to four. Try to alternate them by days, for example have aerobics today and strength training tomorrow, so on and so forth.


  1. I feel like my belly has her own life. It grows bigger everytime I eat and there’s no stopping it. This is a big help. I’ll try this later. Thanks for sharing.

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