FT40 Polar Review – A Versatile Fitness Training Watch With Fitness Test Feature, Calorie Measurment and Intensity Indicator

If you are trying to meet a fitness goal and you want a training tool that can help guide you on the path to your target, then a Polar watch can offer you plenty of help in this area. Polar manufacture some of the best fitness watches money can buy. Their fitness collection have features that can test your current fitness level, as well as guiding you at the right level to improve, while not over training. For those who want to keep track of their calories, test their fitness from time to time and determine the right intensity level, then the Polar FT40 is a watch that can deliver on this promise. Here is a brief Polar FT40 review.

The FT40 Polar watch comes in three very attractive watch designs in both mens and women’s versions. The watch features a large digital display, buttons on both sides. The FT40 watch comes with the WearLink+ heart rate monitor strap that is digitally coded to avoid crosstalk interference with other devices. The chest strap itself is padded and comfortable to wear. The FT40 watch has the ability to measure the calories you have consumed during a training session, as well as the cumulative total of the calories you have burned over a longer period of time.

The Polar heart rate monitor FT40 watch features the Polar OwnIndex fitness test, that approximates your VO2 max by running you through a five-minute fitness test that does not require you to exert yourself. Another handy feature of this sports watch is the EnergyPointer feature, that displays your current workout intensity at the front of the watch, allowing you to see if you working out at a rate that is improving your fitness or at a lower fat burning intensity level.

With the capacity to store up to 50 exercise files in memory, the Polar FT40 watch can present you with a summary of session, a weekly summary page and your exercise totals over a longer period of time. In terms of training watches, the FT40 Polar provides you with a versatile range of features that can help guide you to whatever fitness goal you are aiming at. For a little more money you may prefer the Polar FT60 watch, which features storage for 100 exercise files, support for the S1 foot pod sensor and G1 GPS sensor, providing you with real-time speed and distance information. The FT60 Polar watch also features the Polar STAR fitness training feature, that provides you with a daily workout guide based on your personal details that will hep you reach your target if followed correctly.

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