The Polar FT1 Heart Monitor Watch – A Cost-Effective Digital Heart Rate Zone Traing Watch

If you are looking for a simple fitness training watch, that an obvious choice is a timepiece from the Polar watch company. Polar have a reputation for producing some of the most sophisticated and reliable fitness watches on the planet. Polar are renowned for their pioneering of the first ever heart rate monitor device and the company reputation has continued to grow ever since. While Polar is usually a company you turn to when you want something advanced, they also produce some simple and reliable entry-level models like the Polar FT1 heart monitor watch for those of us who just want to put on our watches and go. Here is a brief Polar FT1 review.

The Polar FT1 heart rate monitor watch, features the T31 coded heart rate monitor chest strap that includes the Polar OwnCode features, ensuring the digital signal between the heart rate monitor and the wrist watch is not interfered with by other devices in the area. The Polar FT1 watch is a comfortable watch to wear on the wrist, and features a large, digital display screen that displays your elapsed time and heart rate in a way that is clear and easy to make out while you are in the middle of a run or workout.

The Polar FT1 heart rate watch, support heart rate zone training, ensuring that you are running at the intensity level you are targeting. It has been scientifically proven that running at a different intensity level can achieve a different training effect. For instance if your goal is to lose weight, then low intensity aerobic exercise has been proven to be the most effective way to shed kilos. When using a target heart rate zone alarm. The watch will alert you when your heart rate drops outside the desired zone limit of your run. With the Polar FT1, you must manually set up your target zone. If you would rather have the watch set up your target zone automatically, then you might prefer the Polar FT2 watch instead.

Some other features of the FT1 Polar watch, include the button free HeartTouch feature, that allows you to change the display on the watch by simply brining the Polar trainer watch within close proximity of the T31 chest strap. The Polar FT1 watch provides you with a summary page of the last workout in memory. On this page you can view your elapsed time for the workout as well as your average and maximum heart rate. This ends our brief Polar FT1 heart rate monitor review.

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